Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bend It Like Bentley!

Although we are only in October, the 'Goal of the Season' competition was effectively 'WON' last night by Tottenham midfielder David Bentley.

His glorious 35 yard long range dipping volley in the stunning 4-4 draw with Arsenal was arguably one of the 'greatest goals of its type' ever witnessed in the modern day era!

I know there are still about 6 months of the season remaining, but it is hard to imagine witnessing an equally good or an even better individual goal again this season........but we shall have to wait and see!

I can only think of two possible goals in recent times that might be considered on a par with Bentley's.
Firstly Matt Taylor's long range strike for Pompey v. Everton in 2006.Link

......and secondly Thierry Henry's volley against Man.Utd in 2000.Link

If you haven't already seen David Bentley's goal then watch it here now and all the goals in a quite extraordinary eight goal thriller!

Mr.Bentley.......take a bow!

King Khan will light up your next Diwali

For all those who felt bad about the fact that King Khan was missing in action this Diwali, there's some good news.

There will be much of SRK in the latter part of 2009. The word is that Yash Raj Films have signed up their favourite SRK again.

No, this one isn't a comeback vehicle for old-timer Yash Chopra but a film with Ashutosh Gowarikar's assistant Rakesh Kapoor (the Yash Raj banner is promoting another new talent!)

Rakesh has reportedly said, "I cannot say anything. I just want to thank Adi (Aditya Chopra) as he called me up last week and selected my script and me as director. I am really excited as this will be the biggest film to come out in 2009, touchwood.

Shah Rukh is fixed and my friends Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are doing the music. We are starting from March after Shah Rukh comes back from the US. Adi has said that they will release this film on 2009 Diwali."

SRK's 'My Name Is Khan' directed by Karan Johar is also releasing around Christmas 2009 and if this film happens it will be a double bonanza for SRK fans! His home production 'Billoo Barber' releases early next year as well.

So it's King Khan all the way in 2009!

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How Vidya Balan ditched Sooraj Barjatya

Vidya Balan ditched Sooraj Barjatya at the last minute. This may sound shocking but it is actually true! Rajshri Productions' Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi was to star Vidya Balan in the lead opposite Bobby Deol originally.

But now the November 7th releasing film has Eesha Koppikar along with Sonu Sood playing the main lead. So what went wrong?

Our sources revealed, "Sooraj Barjatya had approached Bobby Deol and Vidya Balan for his written film Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi being directed by debutante Kaushik Ghatak. They both had given their consent for the film.

But then though Bobby initially found the family oriented subject appealing, as the days progressed he developed cold feet. He excused himself out of the film citing dates problem.

Sooraj had hoped that he would find a suitable actor in the A list to play the romantic lead opposite Vidya. But as that didn't look to materialise, Vidya chickened out of the project preferring to do Kismat Konection along with Shahid.

Sooraj was then left with no option but to rope in small names like Eesha Koppikar and Sonu Sood to stop the film getting stalled even before it was about to be shot!"

It looks a remote possibility that Sooraj Barjatya will now ever approach either Vidya Balan or Bobby Deol to star in any of his Rajshri banner films!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fashion - Movie Review

Are you ready for an expose on the fashion industry? Where designers pass off 'Indira Market, Bangkok' stuff as their own creation. Where ad agency/fashion mag honchos call the shots. Wild lifestyles, backstage dramas, wardrobe malfunction, casting couch… ouch, ouch, ouch!

Madhur Bhandarkar, the undisputed king of realistic fares, comes up with yet another hard-hitting film that enlightens you, moves you, motivates and deflates you, even shocks and surprises you and of course, entertains you.

The solid reason why FASHION works is because Madhur brings alive everything you've read in newspapers or watched on TV as an outsider, to the big screen. And that works and how!

But let's not give the subject material all importance, for Madhur's handling of the subject is exemplary. Madhur dresses up his mannequins well, but most importantly, infuses life in those prime bodies. A number sequences leave you tongue-tied [more on that later].

But there's a hitch. And this problem tones down the impact considerably. The running tine of almost 2.40 hours makes you restless, especially the penultimate 25-odd minutes. Yet, all said and done, FASHION has all it takes to be the showstopper this Diwali!

FASHION tells the story of a small-town girl with a dream and the determination to make it a reality. Meghna [Priyanka Chopra] is ambitious, she wants to attain the status of a supermodel. She realises her dreams and rises to walk the ramps for leading designers across India.

But Meghna has to pay the price for her fame and her journey to the top. Her career starts sliding downwards. In this journey of Meghna, she encounters a number of people. Most importantly, Shonali [Kangna Ranaut] and Janet [Mugdha Godse]. Also, Abhijit Sareen [Arbaaz Khan], a tycoon who controls the fashion industry.

CHANDNI BAR, PAGE 3, SATTA, CORPORATE, TRAFFIC SIGNAL -- every Madhur Bhandarkar film has a new story to tell and he tells it most convincingly. In fact, Madhur strikes a fine balance between realism and entertainment in every film. Given the fact that FASHION is all about the fashion industry, the narrative is inevitably filled with lots of glam-n-glitz moments. The fashion shows, the stunning models, the superb styling, the vibrant colours and the behind the scenes drama is worth every penny spent on the ticket.

But it's not just ramp shows and style-n-fashion here. There's a story running concurrently -- of three models. One, the rise of an unknown into a supermodel. Two, the fall of a supermodel to dust. Three, the ambitious model not achieving success, but opting for a marriage of convenience.

While Madhur has handled the theme as if he were an insider, this review would be incomplete if you ignore two major sequences that are simply outstanding. One, Kangna's wardrobe malfunction and two, when Priyanka exposes Arbaaz to his wife [Suchitra Pillai].

Mahesh Limaye's cinematography captures every aspect of the fashion industry to the fullest. The screenplay [Madhur Bhandarkar, Anuradha Tiwari, Ajay Monga] is perfect, except for the penultimate portions. Niranjan Iyengar's dialogues are fantastic. Nitin Chandrakant Desai's production design is truly upmarket. The costumes and styling are top notch, a feast for the eyes. Salim-Sulaiman's music is well synchronised as well. 'Mar Jaava' and 'Jalwa' are lilting creations.

Madhur places immense trust on Priyanka and she is remarkable all through, more towards the second hour. Post AITRAAZ, FASHION is another medal that shines the brightest when you look at her body of work. But the real star is Kangna. Her role may not be as lengthy as that of Priyanka, but the actress pitches in an awesome performance. Her confidence at the very start is infectious and her overall performance deserves an ovation.

Mugdha Godse is, again, supremely confident. She has dum. Arbaaz Khan is first-rate. Arjan Bajwa does well. Harsh Chhaya, the gay designer, stands out with a realistic performance. Ashwin Mushran, Priyanka's confidante, is top notch. Samir Soni is good. Suchitra Pillai and Kittu Gidwani are effectual. Raj Babbar and Kiran Juneja are seasoned in such roles.

On the whole, FASHION has tremendous curiosity value and also shock value for the Indian audiences. Its subject -- the behind the scenes working and drama of the fashion industry -- is its USP. At the box-office, the pre-release hype and buzz will ensure a successful run for the film. Its business at multiplexes mainly should be bountiful. However, trimming the film will only help; not only will it enhance the film, but also its business. Must watch!

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Golmaal Returns - Movie Review

Two years ago, Rohit Shetty came up with a breezy entertainer GOLMAAL, which, most people agree, is the capable director's finest work to date. The comic scenes hit the right notes and buttons. Perhaps, that must've prompted its producers [Shree Ashtavinayak] and Rohit to continue with the GOLMAAL series.

But GOLMAAL RETURNS treats the viewer like a nitwit, with zero brains. No-brainer laughathons have worked in the past and people have catapulted these films to 'must watch again and again' category. But GOLMAAL RETURNS is simply unbearable!

35 years ago, the Kiran Kumar - Radha Saluja comedy AAJ KI TAZAA KHABAR [1973] is the inspiration for GOLMAAL RETURNS. No issues with that, it's an interesting concept. But screenplay writer Yunus Sajawal makes a mincemeat of the material, so much so that your head starts aching after a point and you want to tear your hair in disgust.

Seriously, what was the writer thinking when he came up with a pathetic screenplay? And how did a talented director like Rohit Shetty agree to ride on it? And how could an accomplished actor like Ajay Devgan green signal this enterprise? Questions, questions, questions...

GOLMAAL RETURNS was never meant to be a thinking man's film, but the attitude is, no-brainer comedies have worked and this one will work too. To give the credit where it's due, a few jokes/sequences involving Tusshar and Shreyas do bring a smile on your face, but in the absence of a tight screenplay, the film falls like a pack of cards.

Final word? Golmaal hai bhai script golmaal hai!

Gopal [Ajay Devgan], who lives with his wife Ekta [Kareena Kapoor], sister Esha [Amrita Arora] and brother-in-law Lucky [Tusshar Kapoor], gets stuck in a yacht after saving an attractive woman Meera [Celina Jaitly] from some goons. Both end up spending the night on the yacht and when he comes home the next day, his painfully suspicious wife, who is also a hardcore fan of the saas-bahu serials, smell fish.

Gopal knows it's going to be hard to quell her suspicion, so he concocts a cock-and-bull story about having stayed the night with a fictitious friend called Anthony Gonsalves. Ekta refuses to buy his yarn and writes to Anthony [on a fictitious address given to her by Gopal], asking him to visit her.

Gopal convinces his junior at work, Laxman [Shreyas Talpade], to pretend to be Anthony. Everything goes according to plan till the real Anthony turns up.

If that isn't complication enough for Gopal, a dead body is discovered at the location where he had saved Meera. The Investigating Officer, Madhav [Arshad Warsi], who is Esha's boyfriend and also who cannot stand the sight of Gopal, learns that the latter had been missing from home that eventful night and begins checking on him.

A sequel carries the baggage of humungous expectations. And you definitely expect GOLMAAL RETURNS to be a step forward. The makers had thundered, "GOLMAAL RETURNS is bigger, it's better" and that raises the bar. But the film is such a put off.

Writer Yunus Sajawal takes an interesting premise, but instead of upgrading it, only downgrades it with lacklustre situations. The writing is so weak, so lifeless that after a point you sit motionless, looking at the goings-on mechanically, instead of being a participant.

A few sequences do entertain you, but they're few and far between. Not enough to camouflage the defects. In view of the fact that the writing is so weak, there's not much that director Rohit Shetty can do to save the ship from sinking. However, the dialogues are howlarious. Music is not as inspiring. 'Tha Karke' is the best track, while 'Tu Saala' [well promoted] isn't there in the film and 'Meow' comes during the end credits. And you're exasperated by then!

GOLMAAL RETURNS belongs to Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade. Tusshar is terrific yet again, the real scene stealer, while Shreyas displays his comic side very well. Both, in fact, provide respite to the viewer. Ajay Devgan is likable. Kareena does the suspicious wife act well. Celina stays on your mind even after the show is over.

Arshad Warsi is relegated to the backseat. Amrita Arora is strictly okay. Anjana Sukhani gets no scope. Vrajesh Hirjee is alright. Sharat Saxena, Rakhi Vijan, Sanjay Mishra, Murli Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari and Ashwini Kalsekar fill in the blanks.

On the whole, there's tremendous curiosity to watch GOLMAAL RETURNS and the terrific promotion has only enhanced the excitement. But the film is a major letdown in terms of content. Barring a few jokes and gags, this GOLMAAL pales when compared to its first part. At the box-office, expect a terrific start for the film, but GOLMAAL RETURNS lacks the power to stand on its feet after the initial euphoria settles down.
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YRF felicitates KJo to celebrate 10 years of association with Dharma Productions

Thursday (October 23) saw the doors of the Courthouse Hotel graced by Bollywood's most successful film director Karan Johar, as he joined members of the public and media to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his Box Office smash Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the release of his hotly anticipated film Dostana, hosted by Yash Raj Films.

The intimate and exclusive gathering allowed the invited audience to pose challenging questions to get to the heart of Karan's thoughts and ambitions. The fascinating and often revealing interview session hosted by actor and radio presenter, Ameet Chana, took guests through Karan's 10 year journey from the new boy of Bollywood to the hottest property on the other side of the camera.

It was the first time that members of the public had been given access to Karan and his frank, open and amusing answers to their questions. Visitors were given a unique insight into the man that has given global audiences such memorable films as Kal Ho Naa Ho, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, and of course Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna amongst others.

Event host Ameet Chana said, "It's been an honour and a pleasure to host this celebration and to be one of the first to quiz Karan about the new film, Dostana. He is such a prestigious figure in the Bollywood film industry and it's great to finally get him in the hot seat!"

Talking about Dostana, Karan said, "Dostana was great to produce as it is a light hearted look at friendship, love and relationships of all types. Filming in a great location such as Miami inevitably leads to fun and frolics for crew and cast alike. As you know, I like my films to break barriers and create lots of discussion and debate and I hope Dostana will continue the trend."

Avtar Panesar, Vice President of International Operations for Yash Raj films said, "Our relationship with Dharma Productions has been growing and developing, just as Karan's portfolio has. We are delighted to be part of the team that brings his films to global audiences. It seems fitting that we not only celebrate the huge impact that KKHH had on audiences across the world, but also mark the next decade of Karan's journey with the launch of Dostana, which I know will successfully follow in the footsteps of all Karan Johar films. This is our way of thanking Karan Johar for his 10 years of 'Dostana' so far and hopefully we'll be back here in 10 years time to do it all over again."
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7 crore!

Kareena Kapoor has just signed on with Pepsico's Kurkure for an amount in the vicinity of Rs 7 crore. This will be Kareena's eighth endorsement this year. The actress, effectively, has become the highest paid B-Town actress in the ad world.

Says a source, "Kareena is perhaps the only actress today who can command such a price. Several A-list companies are vying for and want her as their brand ambassador. The actress was paid Rs 5 crore for ITC's Vivel soap ad. She has now signed on for Kurkure at Rs 7 crore, which also has Juhi Chawla."

Adds the source, "Kareena will be portrayed as the younger, bubblier face of Kurkure. After her vivacious portrayal of Geet in Jab We Met, Bebo is seen as an ideal choice when it comes to endorsing cosmetics, personal care products and jewellery. She also spells class so when it comes to lifestyle products and the star is an obvious choice. The actress is also a youth icon, so companies sign her for products that target the youth. She's finished her contract for ICI Paints and Citizen watches and is now in negotiations for an international project."

The actress, who shot for the new Head & Shoulders ad at Mehboob Studios yesterday, will be shooting the Kurkure ad tomorrow.

Today, the busy actress has taken a day off for Diwali. The source adds, "Saif will be coming today to Mumbai to spend Diwali with Kareena and they will attend Akshay Kumar and Twinkle's Diwali bash tonight."

Kareena's endorsements

ITC's Vivel soap
Head & Shoulders
D D'mas for Geetanjali
Anne French
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Exclusive promo of 'Ghajini'

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Aamir Khan unveils the first promo of Ghajini at PVR Juhu

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Crostini al Pomodoro (Tomato and Herb Crostini)

The first of the four recipes featured in Diane Nocentini and Madeline Armillotta's video cooking blog entry:

Makes six servings

Preparation time: 15 minutes

8 to 10 ripe plum tomatoes, chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon salt (or to taste)
1 teaspoon black pepper (or to taste)
1 baguette, sliced into rounds and toasted

Combine all ingredients except the bread, and mix well. Spoon into the toasted bread rounds and serve.

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I took a few film tips from Priyanka: Mughda Godse

Stepping into the world of Bollywood from the world of modeling is not something that hasn't happened before. Although there's a vast difference in both the worlds, it's nothing new for super model Mugdha. Even after entering Bollywood from the world of fashion, she's still a part of 'Fashion'.

Q-Are you nervous or excited about your first release Fashion?
A-Honestly speaking, it's a mixed reaction. There are a lot of things happening inside of me which I am unable to describe. Along with nervousness, there's a feeling of a little fear, happiness and excitement too.

Even though I am enjoying myself, I'm a bit restless too. For the first time I will be seen on the big screen, don't know if the viewers are going to like me or not. Until now all the reports are good but the acting has to be appreciated also.

Q- You believe that in your case Madhur Bhandarkar was able to unearth a brilliant actress out of a model?
A- Absolutely yes, and that's the sign of a great director. He actually dug out all that hidden talent in me which I was completely unaware of. For now, I really hope that I get the opportunity to work with more such directors so that I can discover more of my abilities.

Q – Since you belong to the world of fashion yourself, did it so happen that you got to learn many new things about it through this film?
A - I didn't learn any new things about it because the fashion world has been very keenly studied and observed by Madhur and only then has he made a good film on it.

What I did learn though, was how a director can use his intellect to deal with a given subject in a very neat and beautiful way and present it before the audiences. Also, I learnt how a film is made and what all is to be kept in mind when one decides to make a film.

Q – Did you ever disagree with a scene in the film feeling that it doesn't happen this way in the fashion world?
A – No, this didn't happen at all. In fact, after watching every scene, I reminded myself that all of this had happened to me before.

Being a part of this world, I have lived each and every one of these moments. What I was most happy about was that instead of showing gossiping or cat fights, Madhur has displayed emotions in the right way.

How models feel in their moments of joy and grief has been beautifully presented by him. According to me, this is the special feature of the film.

Q – According to you, your character Janet is quite different from Mugdha. But is there something which happens to be common in both?
A – (laughs) The only similarity is that both of them are models, beautiful ones, that is. Apart from that, Janet, like Mugdha, has a good heart.

Q – Normally, films mirror the society. Do you think the audience could relate to this film?
A – I'm not sure about the audience but the fashion industry will definitely relate to this film. The way the innumerable emotions have been displayed through the medium of imaginary characters, every model who watches this film will surely feel that this has happened to me before. As for the audience, they'll discover the truth about the fashion world.

Q – Most of the time, viewers feel that the fashion world is a glamorous one and that it's out of their reach. Do you think its human aspect could be put forth before them?
A – Oh yes, I'm sure. I feel that not only will the people realize the truth about the fashion world but will also turn sympathetic towards us.

Q – How was the experience of working with Priyanka and Kangana?
A – It was great working with both of them. Initially, I was scared to work with two such beautiful actresses but when I went to the sets; both of them welcomed me with open arms. I feel that acting is just the medium of reacting. Until you haven't mastered it, you can't react. So they helped me to get better a great deal.

Q – Why did you call them beautiful actresses? Don't you feel you are beautiful too?
A – (laughs) No, it's nothing like that. Obviously I find myself beautiful but I also appreciate others' beauty. And they are really beautiful too! I feel that adopting an appreciative attitude towards other people's beauty is good and that everyone should do it.

Q – One of the actresses who worked with you had no idea about the fashion world while the other was a part of it. So did Kangana ever take any tips from you or did Priyanka give you some?
A – I took a few film tips from Priyanka like how to face the camera, etc. during the shooting. Kangana is a brilliant actress so she didn't have to take any tips from me. She'd prepared herself in advance. She's an artist who can easily mould herself easily into any character.

Q – During the shooting of the film, there were many arguments between Priyanka and Kangana regarding the outfits. Did any of this happen to you too?
A – No, this didn't happen with me or with them either. These are just plain rumors. On the contrary, I was surprised to see the organized way in which people were working on the sets. I had often heard that there are many obstacles while making a film but we had none of this here.

Q – You enter Bollywood with this film. Do you want to continue acting or would you rather remain a model?
A – I've already become a small part of Bollywood and my co-stars have by now accepted me. What remains is to see whether the audience likes me or not. I've got quite a number of film offers and I've been giving them full thought.

I would love to be a part of Bollywood but I can't say goodbye to modeling because I am what I am thanks to modeling. I agree that I won't be able to devote as much time to it as I could before but yes, I'd love to walk the ramp sometimes.

Q – Once, you mentioned somewhere that amongst male models, only Milind Soman and Arjun Rampal were your friends. As for the others you said, "The others weren't that great." Why's that?
A – That's because my image of a male model is that of a 'macho man' under which only these two names can fit. These days male models are quite thin, long-haired and metrosexual. They look attractive while they walk the ramp but I personally don't like them much.

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I don't feel glamorous anymore: Kangna Ranaut

Very recently, Kangna shocked the industry when she made the bold declaration that 'she never felt like being a part of a hardcore Bollywood commercial film because she had no respect for such cinema'! We caught up with Kangna on the eve of the release of Fashion for a candid conversation.

As the clock has started ticking for the arrival of the film at theaters across the globe, a pertinent question which one can't help but ask is - 'Who amongst the three actresses in Fashion would walk away with the honors. Over to Kangna:

Priyanka has been hailed as the central protagonist in the film. Where do you and Mugdha fit in?
(Smiles) Should I really be commenting on it at this moment when the film is ready to be seen by on and all? You should watch the film and you'll get to know.

But with most of the promos centered on Priyanka, didn't you feel left out?
I didn't. Because the central character of the film is Priyanka. Even the publicity stills and promos are giving the right impression of the film. People should not get the wrong notion about the movie that the promos were focused on one person and the story is about someone else.

Madhur's realistic cinema has always raised eyebrows. Do you want to elaborate on Fashion is it again comes with similar traits?
Raised eyebrows? I don't know in which way? But he has always been appreciated for the films that he has made. He has also won National Awards. I am sure that this film has a possibility of winning him one more award and I think its going to be a very high impact film rather than a controversial one.

You have been a model yourself. That must have helped your performance in Fashion, right?
(Scowls) Puhleeze, let me clarify this once again...and on the records. I was never a model! It is a misconception that some people have been carrying with themselves.

After being in the industry for around 3 years, do you feel wiser when it comes to making career decisions?
Today when I have to make a decision, I do feel much more confident and much stronger. I was just discussing with my friend the other day about how people change and how we grow up from inside.

I was 18 yrs when I started, I am 21 today, tomorrow when I become 45 years and when I look back I won't be the same Kangna. At 18- I was different, at 21- I was different and at 45 also I will change. I do feel much wiser while talking decisions today. I feel stable today.

Once upon a time, Kangna was a simple girl from Manali with big dreams. Has the world of glamour allowed that simplicity to remain?
I think I was much more glamorous before I entered films. I was very funny as a person and I used to think of myself as a huge superstar compared to what I think of myself today. Like when I was in school I used to compare myself to American actors and Miss World and Miss Universe. But today after being in this world I don't feel glamorous anymore.

Yup, seriously. In fact I have become boring. I don't want to think about acting all the time. I have completely changed as a person, I am not exciting anymore and my life is not exciting anymore. I think, before I came into this glamorous world I was much more fun and funny and exciting as a person.

What happens from here?
Roshan should be releasing any time. Then there is Raaz 2 that is confirmed for January 2009. Kites is another film and I am also doing an international project!

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Pooja Bedi Sexy Bikini

Check out these sexy wallpapers of Pooja Bedi in bikini
Click on the images for a larger view
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Pooja Bedi`s daughter Aaliya walked the ramp

Pooja Bedi's 11-year-daughter Aaliya walked the ramp for designer Pallavi Jaipur at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. An excited Pooja Bedi said, "It was her first solo experience and memorable one too. Aaliya was dressed as a Rajasthani princess. Such memories stay with you for life."

Pooja said that Aaliya had walked the ramp with her for a charity show earlier. "She was too small then. But that moment stays with her even now."

Pooja clarified that there was no pressure on Aaliya to walk the ramp. "It was her decision! I asked her if she was comfortable with the idea of walking the ramp and she said yes."

Pooja rubbished stories that it was not right to expose her daughter to the fashion world at such tender age. "I look upon Aaliya walking the ramp as a cute memorable experience. It is not a hardcore career defining step for her."

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Mahima Chaudhari`s first reality show

In the on going race of Bollywood stars to using TV medium as a platform to come in front of their fans, a new name has joined in, Mahima Chaudhari. For the reality show begining on 2nd November, Jalwa One Two ka Four, Mahima will appear as a co-judge alongside filmmaker Satish Kaushik.

"The special USP of JOTKF is that under one single platform the contestants have to put to test their singing, dancing and comedy skills." claims Mahima.

After motherhood, resisting film offers, Mahima gave her nod to this reality show for its innovative concept. She is extremely excited on her TV stint.

Apart from the two judges, Mahima and Satish Kaushik, JOTKF will have four captains - Shweta Tiwari, Shakti Kapoor, Rakhi Sawant and Mika along side many participants.

Now it remains to be seen how the audience accept Mahima as a judge in her first ever major TV show. Apart from us, Mahima too is excited to know that!

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The Nightingale's Diwali Gift to Fans

It's a quiet Diwali for the Nightingale at home with the family. No special plans after the celebrations earlier during the week when her brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar turned 72 on Sunday.

"Every year there's a kind gentleman in Pune who organizes a musical event for my brother's birthday. This year was no different. We've all been involved with that until Sunday. So Diwali two days later would be slightly low-key. Of course the children would have their fun with the usual Diwali celebrations, " says Lataji.

After Diwali she intends to get her knees operated for arthritis. The operation would be understaken at the Mangeshkars' hospital in Pune.

Although her knees give her more trouble these days than she had ever bargained for the Nightingale's throat continues to be in tremendous shape.

Having recorded Sai Baba Bhajans with sister Usha Mangeshkar, Lataji forever making melodic moves, now gets to be heard in a rare unreleased film song.

The song Chanda ki chandni is an unreleased gem discovered and re-packaged from Yashraj Films.

Since the Nightingale hardly sings film songs nowadays and her last film song was A R Rahman's lullaby Luppa chuppi the film Rang De Basanti, the release of a new song is an event.

A bit of inquiry on how the song materialized reveals it was the Lata bhakt Yash Chopra's idea to release the song.

Says a source, "Yash Chopra shares an extremely emotional bonding with Lataji. They don't only share the same star sign their birthday is separated by only a day. And they get along like a house on fire.

Yashji keeps Lataji entertained with his jokes. Lataji reciprocates with her songs. Yashji in fact insists that as long as she is around no one else will sing in his films. That of course has changed now, what with the new guard led by Aditya Chopra opting for other voices.

But when Yashji came to know about the unreleased song in their archives he immediately wanted it released as a Diwali gift for Lataji's fans. So you could say this song Chanda ki chandni is Yashji's gift to Lataji for Diwali. He calls her his Saraswati Mata."

Nudge Lataji's memory about the song and she immediately recalls it, "It was supposed to be part of Yashji's Dil To Pagal Hai. But the song didn't fit into the story. So they took it out. I never thought they'd use it later."

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Diwali Quotes: Cine Stars

Due to the recession in the share market, not only the share brokers but also the common man has to suffer a lot. It's result can be seen directly on the market.

Especially, even during festive occasions like Diwali, the recession is forcing many people to bring about a reduction in their expenditure. How much it affects the glitzy and glamorous world of Bollywood, let's find out from a few celebs.

Kunal Khemu – We spend money not because we want to but because it's Diwali and it's our tradition to gift people during this festival. As far as the recession in the market goes, well, it is affecting everybody. The only difference is that it affects people in varying degrees.

Mugdha Godse – Recession or no recession, I shop with utmost caution because I don't want to waste my money. According to our customs, I shop for gold or silver on Dhanteras and will do so this year as well.

Tapur Chatterjee – I don't think the recession is going to affect my shopping in any way. But I'm so busy these days that I just don't have time for shopping. By the way, I prefer staying at home with my family rather than shopping.

Aryan Vaid – Yes, I do feel that the recession will have an effect on my shopping because just today I read in the newspaper that a share broker committed suicide due to the recession. Keeping in mind the sentiments of a number of share brokers will influence my shopping.

Rajneesh Duggal – No, I don't think the recession is going to have an effect on my shopping.

Neetu Chandra – Yes, it will make a difference but not as much as it will affect the common man. I hope that the Almighty turns this recession into profit soon enough.

Shakti Kapoor – The recession in the market is affecting not only India but the entire world. I pray to God that the recession in the share market disappears fast.

As far as my family shopping goes, we'll just get two boxes of sweets and finish them off by sharing them among each other.

I don't burst crackers but I do burn little sparklers every year and will do so this year too. We celebrate Diwali in a very ordinary way and our grand total is Rs.872 and 81 paise which I have here.

Shweta Tiwari – This recession will not affect me because I have already done all my shopping in advance.

Mahima Choudhary – I shop so much the entire year that there's nothing left for Diwali. It's the same this year as well. As far as buying diyas, sweets and some gold are concerned, we shall do that as always to keep our customs and traditions alive. For that, the recession can't touch us.

Shreyas Talpade – Yes, of course, because the recession in the market has affected our film industry too. It's a little scary but the way things progressed, a recession was quite expected. That it will strike us this badly was not expected. Well, let's see, maybe we can get out of this quickly.

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Aamir praises Asin

Bollywood’s perfectionist actor Aamir Khan is all praise of Asin, who’s working in his upcoming movie Ghajini.

Aamir said Asin has great potential and she will go really high in Bollywood once Ghajini movie in Hindi is released. Now coming from the mouth of versatile actor like Aamir, it surely seems Asin would be going greats guns in Bollywood too.

We wish this charming actress a very happy diwali and a prosperous new year ahead.

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John Abraham to act in and co-produce 1-800-Love

John Abraham will not only be acting in filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala's second venture "1-800-Love" after the hit "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na", he will also be co-producing it.

"1-800-Love" is a quirky, witty and savagely funny look at the man-woman relationship and writer-director Abbas roped in John for the project, after having worked with chocolate boy Imran Khan in his debut film.

The filmmaker, who's still polishing up the movie's script, says John decided to jump in as a producer the minute he heard the narration.

"After hearing the narration, John not only loved the script, he wanted to come on as a partner. So, effectively, the project will have three producers - Madhu K., John and myself, " Abbas told. Incidentally, "1-800-Love" gets its title from the toll-free phone numbers in the US.

John, who's currently shooting in New York for Kabeer Khan's film on terrorism entitled "New York", is now looking out for roles that would challenge him as an actor. After Anurag Kashyap's "No Smoking" and Nagesh Kukunoor's to-be-released "Aashayein, " Abbas seems to be the director John needed to get his creative juices flowing.

Abbas' movie is set to be shot in Boston in April in a start-to-finish schedule and the filmmaker has now headed for the hills to write the final draft of the script, a source close to him said.

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Vikram Bhatt searching for Ms. Right

Vikram Bhatt is searching for Ms. Right not for himself but for his next film.

Vikram Bhatt is on a look out for a new female face for his next directorial venture 'Shapit' where he is introduces Aditya Narayan.

Vikram searched high and low and even screen tested dozens of potential actresses but none could satisfy the intelligent director. "Vikram even flew down to London hoping that he'd find his leading lady there, but nothing materialized out of the trip, " said a source close to the director.

If closely observed Vikram has a record of discovering some of the most beautiful actresses of the Indian screen. Sushmita Sen is a Vikram Bhatt protégé. He discovered her and cast her in the lead in Dastak.

Lisa Ray was Vikram Bhatt discovery too. It was Bhatt's Raaz that shot Bipasha Basu to fame. And today Adah Sharma is laughing her way to success. Behind every successful actress… there's Bhatt naturally!

Now the girl hunt has shifted to Mumbai where Vikram is searching high & low for that perfect face. Says Vikram, "I'm still searching for the right girl opposite Aditya Narayan. It's a dream role for any newcomer."

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Chi Chi vouches for plastic surgery?

Govinda seems to be doing whatever it takes to turn into a happening hero.

After his break from filmdom, things have gone downhill.

'Bhagam Bhag', 'Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love' and 'Money Hai to Honey Hai' were booed by the audiences and 'Partner' was liked strictly by the masses only, thanks to Salman Khan's charisma.

But Govinda isn't giving up easily.

The buzz is that after finishing his current (mostly comic) assignments, he would want to do action! Yeah, you heard it right. Regardless of his age and physique, Govinda would like to turn into an action hero now!

He's so dead serious about it that he's decided to try out cosmetic surgery now!

He's reportedly said, "I'm thinking of going in for corrective surgery for my skin and face. Looks sell. And I need to look my best. My friends have sweet-talked me into it.

However, before the surgery, I have to complete my current assignments. Most are either on the verge of completion or release. I have seven releases in the next one year after which I want to come back with an entirely different look."

It's really difficult to envision a fat and ageing Govinda giving competition to the Hrithiks and the Johns (and other chiseled bods) of B-Town even after plastic surgery!

God alone knows where this guy is headed!

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I wear 137 costumes in Fashion: Priyanka Chopra

In Madhur Bhandarkar's "Fashion", actress Priyanka Chopra will be seen in an unbelievable 137 outfits in the film!

Priyanka plays a small-town girl, Meghna Mathur, who goes on to become a supermodel in Mumbai. The dresses support the five subtle but distinct phases her character goes through in the film.

"I wear 137 costumes in 'Fashion', and it was required as my character goes through a huge journey in one-and-a-half years. And we had a lot of montages in the film, a lot of ad commercials and of course fashion shows, which is why the requirement of costumes was so high for my character, " Priyanka told IANS in an interview.

Priyanka is seen flaunting a range of clothes from designer wear, while sashaying down the ramp, to t-shirts and jeans while portraying a model's normal life.

Throwing light on her different looks in the film, she said: "There are five changes that happen to my character in the film. When she comes from Chandigarh, she has a little bit of a small-town kind of styling, then she becomes a model... a little more polished. She then becomes very stylish and then a supermodel.

"When she loses her head, she becomes very arrogant and her make-up becomes darker and a lot more edgy. Then during her downfall, I am devoid of make- up. The resurrection portion is softer because she is scared and broken while trying to regain her self-confidence. We tried all those looks to keep different so that the character's journey looks seamless through the film."

The much-awaited "Fashion" is a take on the Indian fashion industry and also stars Kangana Ranaut, debutante Mugdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan, Arjan Bajwa and many of the who's who of the fashion fraternity.

Taking on Meghna's role was not a cakewalk for the beauty queen-turned-actress, as she had to go for method acting for her character.

"I added on six kilograms to look like a girl from Punjab before shedding it off as the film progresses. I went through a learning process to make my character look real. I had to study the character to live it and the film is looking good, " Priyanka said.

However, not many know that Priyanka was initially apprehensive of signing on for the project and kept it on hold for six months.

"I said yes to 'Fashion' after six months. I wasn't sure about many things when it came to me. Also, I wasn't pretty sure about myself... whether I'd be able to do justice to the role or not. But Madhur showed immense confidence in me and I finally said yes, " she revealed.

The actress was thrilled when she started working as she got to catch up with her old friends from the ramp world during the shooting.

"I got to meet all my old friends - Nayonika (Chatterjee), Diandra (Soares), Bhawna (Sharma) and Lubna (Adams). I got to hang out with them. It brought back so much because Nayonika was the first one who taught me how to walk the ramp and I've always looked up to her with a lot of respect.

"I knew if I was doing this film, she had to be on board. I begged her but she refused to come because she has a young daughter in Delhi and she couldn't come to Mumbai for the entire duration of the film. But I insisted that she be there for every show in the film and she kindly obliged, " the actress said.

The year so far hasn't proved quite successful for Priyanka as all four of her releases - "Love Story 2050", "God Tussi Great Ho", "Chamku" and "Drona" - turned out to be box office duds. The actress, however, does not shy away from her failures and is optimistic about her career.

"Nobody can decide the destiny of a film. My films haven't done well and I haven't shied away from that. I don't think failures really affect careers very much if you are good in the film, " she said.

Priyanka will be next seen in Dharma Productions' "Dostana" and is also shooting for films like "Kaminay" and "What's Your Raashee".

She also has sequels to "Don - The Chase Begins Again" and "Drona" already in her kitty apart from an item number opposite Shah Rukh Khan in "Billo Barber".

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Celina`s most unforgettable Diwali

Celina Jaitley will never ever forget her last Diwali experience. Last year's Diwali was the craziest for Celina Jaitley.

Recounting the experience she says, "Last year during Diwali with all the crackers my two doggys fainted with all the loud sounds. They were only one year old. And our whole evening went trying to wake them up!"

This year Celina says she hopes there won't be a repeat performance as she is heading to South Africa during Diwali. "I will be in South Africa - the Indian Community there has invited me to celebrate Diwali with them.

I will be their guest of honour. I have a big fan base in Johannesburg. People from various backgrounds will be coming together. So I will be in SA promoting my film Golmaal Returns as well, " Celina tells us.

Celina Jaitley who hails from a army background says that ever since she has come to Mumbai she has been missing the Diwali celebrations in the army environment. Reminiscing the Diwali celebrations in the army cantonment the actress says.

"We used to have the Lakshmi Puja and later there would be firing in the air to welcome the New Year. The festivities were a part of my life. The celebrations would start from Dusshera. We used to do puja of all the firearms and everyone used to be dressed for the occasions and have fun. We were young and we used to look forward to it.

And on this festive occasion of Diwali, Celina says that she truly appreciates the spirit of Mumbai which she doesn't find in any other city. "I have been to almost every city in India but it's only the public in Mumbai that help you out when in need.

My brother who is an Army officer was recently in a serious accident and was lying on the road. He was in his uniform and bleeding badly but not a single person come ahead for help. I have only seen in Mumbai that people help each other. But in rest of the India they don't do that."

"I sometimes think that every one has become too busy and selfish… they have stopped thinking about anyone else… they don't think that the person in trouble is also someone's son, brother or husband. But anyways by God's grace my brother fine now, " she says

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Aamir roars...with the classy promos of Ghajni

The lion roars and the roar is deafening. The lion here is none other than Aamir Khan. The actor, known for enacting a wide variety of roles in his illustrious career, is ready to traverse into a new territory with GHAJINI. In fact, every time an Aamir starrer is about to release, it turns into an event.

The keenly anticipated GHAJINI hit headlines when the producers revealed the first look of the film -- Aamir's stunning physique -- last week. Right from news channels to newspapers to blogs, Aamir's look was the topic of discussion within and outside the industry.

Now let's talk of the promo. It's spell-binding, it leaves you yearning for more, in fact your 'hunger' for the film increases manifold thanks to this promo. First Aamir's all-new, 8-pack abs catch your attention.

Later, the promo changes dramatically, with a foot stomping viciously on someone's head, followed by Aamir's eye staring at you and then, he punches someone so hard, it's unbelievable.

The promo truly lives up to the expectations of the most anticipated film of the year. Watch out!

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Salwar Kurtas for female King 11 suppoters!!!

Priety Zinta has created customised salwar-kurtas bearing the Kings 11 logo for her women supporters for the IPL test matches that are expected to begin soon. A source close to the actress informed, "Priety discussed with her designer and created customised salwar kurtas bearing the Kings 11 (her team) logo for her supporters."

Priety wants her supporters to make their present felt on the field at the IPL matches to be held next year.

"Priety has taken into consideration various aspects before creating the customised costumes for the women supporters. Since the IPL matches are to be held in Punjab Preity opted for Salwar-kameez as short jersey would not go down well with traditional Punjabis."

Preity however put rumours to rest that she was going to screen Heroes for her IPL team. "It definitely sounds like a good idea. But I would have to make sure that it is subtitled otherwise how would the Aussies (who are a part of her team) understand my Hindi film, "

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Shriya Saran, Anupam Kher and Tara Sharma in a Hollywood film

What do you get if you cross desi lines with a firang? Well, the answer is The Other End Of the Line. If the title doesn't 'ring' a bell, then, maybe the names of actors like Shriya Saran, Tara Sharma and Anupam Kher will, as they star in the forthcoming Hollywood film, The Other End Of the Line.

Unlike the stereotyped crossover movies which deal with NRI families in the western countries, The Other End Of the Line shows Shriya playing a credit card company's customer service manager who lives in India, and like any other call-centre employee, she pretends to be American to her callers.

But as luck would have it, she falls in love with an American caller played by Jesse Metcalfe (of 'The Desperate Housewives' fame). She then decides to take adventurous trip to USA without informing her parents, played by Anupam Kher and Sushmita Mukherjee.

The film has its breath-taking moments when, even though, after meeting Jesse, Shriya decides not to reveal her true identity to him (Shriya tells him that she is from San Francisco).

The story takes yet another twist when Shriya's parents reach States and bring her back home and our American hero is left wondering what to do next.

The film is yet another love story between an Indian girl and an American boy, though it would be interesting to see how the subject is dealt with this time. This is Shriya's first Hollywood film and her performance strikes you looking at the promo. And also, there's a hot steamy kiss between the Shriya and Jesse to look forward to.

The Other End Of the Line is produced by Ashok Amritraj and directed by James Dodson.

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Female actors are smarter than males: Soha

Actress Soha Ali Khan, who boasts of a strong educational background and sound work experience in the corporate world, has no qualms in saying that actresses in Bollywood are smarter and more intelligent than their male counterparts.

"I think the female actors are far more intelligent than the male actors. I think it's a misnomer to say that actresses are not smart and I think they are deeply in touch with emotions, " Soha told.

Soha, who belongs to the family of the erstwhile Nawabs of Pataudi, attended the British School here before graduating from Oxford University. She then pursued a masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She then worked for the New York-based Ford Foundation and later joined global financial service provider Citibank. Only after that did she venture into the world of Bollywood with "Dil Maange More" in 2004.

Soha, who rose to prominence with "Rang De Basanti", "Khoya Khoya Chand" and more recently "Mumbai Meri Jaan", said actresses had to be smart to manage their career and strike a balance between their public and personal life.

"We do have very intelligent actresses in our country. They are all very capable, smart and managing their professions very well, " she said.

According to her, it is important for actresses to be vigilant all the time due to the multiple and often complicated aspects of their lives.

"There is media, glamour, travelling, managing private and public life - it's difficult and now there's a business angle to films as well. Now it's not just about the art, it's about how you package your image and how you sell a film, your choices of films - and it's all quite unforgiving.

"If you make too many mistakes, there are far too many people who will be ready to do the job and you'll be replaced at the blink of an eye. I think it requires a huge amount of intelligence to be an actor, " Soha added.

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Shut Up' and just look Sexy

The hot Shilpa Shetty is all set to Shut Up and Bounce. Yes that's the song of Tarun Mansukhani's Dostana that will hit the air soon. Director Karan Johar said that Tarun and he and his entire team brainstormed tossing names of actresses who would be apt for the item.

"We finally zeroed in on Shilpa because she has the best body in town, " Karan said.

Karan added, "Shilpa has done a fantastic job but credit also goes to choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant and music director Vishal Shekhar. Shilpa's number will be the introductory song along John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan."

Tarun said, "Shilpa was comfortable wearing anything for the song. We were to shoot the song in seven day but completed in four days flat."

Shilpa agreed to be a part of Dostana immediately because not only was a Karan Johar production but it also had some favourite team of coworkers like designer Manish Malhotra, Mickey Contractor for the make up and Latika for her hair. And though her bag went missing, Shilpa along with Manish shopped at Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.

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Rani Mukherjee plays a 'Sardar' in YRF's next

Yes, there have been several rumors about Rani Mukherjee's role in YRF's next directed by Anurag Singh. But the truth is finally out. Looking at the pictures above, you must've guessed by now that Rani disguises herself as a Sardar in the film.

Rumour has it that Rani plays the character of a cricket enthusiast, who is obsessed with the sport, so much so that she will go to any level to play it. This obsession pushes her to disguise herself as a man and enter an all male cricket squad.

Shahid Kapoor, who plays the male lead opposite Rani in the film, also seems to be a part of the cricket team.

However, no official confirmation about the film's storyline has come from Yash Raj Films, hence, we'll have to wait and watch how Rani makes her way into the cricket team and how well she is at playing the sport.

Also, it will be interesting to see the chemistry between Rani and Shahid onscreen since the camaraderie between the two looks marvelous in the picture above.

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Salman liked my Ghajini look: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan launched his much awaited film, Ghajini's first teaser promo amidst a media gathering at a suburban Mumbai multiplex. We caught up with the actor -director at the event.

The film releasing worldwide on December 25th was earlier scheduled for a Diwali release. "It was only because of my leg injury that the makers had to postpone it to the year." Aamir told us.

Aamir had not seen the promo on the big screen but had seen it many times over on the computer at the editing studio. Aamir unable to hide his excitement said, "I am dying to watch the teaser on the big screen. I want to get the same exact feel that my fans shall when they see it for the first time."

After watching it first time with the media, an excited Aamir requested the promo to be shown one more time. He then even further requested to play the digital print promo in the analog format. Why was that?

That's because Analog format is the one that is generally used in majority of cinema halls across the nation.

How did you manage to get such an awesome physique in such a less time for this role?

It wasn't an easy task. I dedicated three hours daily for it with considerable amount of time spent on doing ab crunches.

I realized sometimes our body doesn't want to do the workouts but it is our mind that should be stronger to take us to the workouts. But my day was made when Salman Khan complimented me on my physique after taking a look at my Ghajini's first look poster. He liked my look.

Why such a violent film? Don't you think your fans comprising mainly of females would find it appalling?

No I don't think so. There is violence but it is a shot in a totally different manner. One of my main reasons for doing this film is that I was getting to act in a hardcore action thriller probably for the first time in my career.

The teaser was very slickly shot but was very short Aamir.

Yes perhaps that is why it is called teaser! (Laughs)

Why hasn't A.R. Murugadoss been present at this event considering it is his debut film as a director?

He wanted to be here but he is held up in Chennai busy working on the post production and the background score of the film alongside.

Is Ghajini purposely being released on 25th December to coincide with Taare Zameen Par's release date last year?

(Laughs) No nothing like that its just co-incidental. But I hope Ghajini is as bigger a success like TZP.

Aamir left the event leaving everyone wanting for more just like Ghajini's first promo which is simply mindblowing and leaves you asking for more.

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Banned in Pakistan, Migrating to Mumbai for Love

One more Pakistani star is making a move to Mumbai. Lahore-based Mikaal Zulfiker who has made quite an impact in England as the young closet-terrorist in Jagmohan Mundhra's Shoot On Sight, is all set to move to Mumbai in January 2009.

And it's partly to do a breakup with his long-standing girlfriend Zaira Sheikh who's know as the Kareena Kapoor of the Pakistani film industry.

"I'm coming to Mumbai to look for a girlfriend. I was in a relationship with Zara, a very big actress.We were known as the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of Pakistan. We had come to a point where we either needed to get married or part ways.

When I got busy with my career we split. Showbiz relationships are very tough. " says Mikaal.

Also… "Jag (Mundhra) is doing another film Room Mates a love triangle featuring me, Neha Dhupia and Sneha Ullal…have I got the actress' names right?

It's an erotic thriller with lots of sexy raunchy scenes. I want to a full-on masala cinema. I've also signed a three-film deal with my Shoot On Sight producer Arun Govil."

Mikaal has stopped all work in Pakistan, Another reason for quitting Lahore is the banning of his film in his country. "I'm unhappy with the way Shoot On Sight got banned. The reason given was that I was shown as a terrorist.

I guess the condition in our country is such that they don't want any trouble. But Shoot On Sight states harsh facts.Initially I was hesitant about playing the terrorist.

But when I went through the script about the way Muslims are seen in the world. There're so many suicide bombers who believe they're soldiers in a war. These are innocent kids who're misled and brainwashed."

Mikaal is glad he did Shoot On Sight. "Sadly my friends and family haven't been able to see it. But I've seen it in England with my friends from Pakistan. Naseerji has made me his son. He has told me to stay with him in Mumbai .

It's important to have a godfather in Bollywood. Ironically the only other film that I've done so far The Godfather (featuring Vinod Khanna) was released only in Pakistan and not in India. So things have evened out."

Mikaal's family is all for his move to Mumbai. "It's the largest film industry in the world. So they're all for it. My father is Pakistani and my mother is English. So I'm half-gora half-Pakistani.

I was born in London and I got my goraa-pan from my mom. But I am more Asian.My parents are separated. So I keep moving between Lahore and London. My sisters are in London. So I sort of identified with Naseerji's family in Shoot On Sight."

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Billo Barber - Movie Preview

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Jason Mehta
Directed by: Priyadarshan

Billo (Irrfan Khan) is the stubborn village barber who refuses to adapt to new fashions in the hair dressing world.

One day a film crew, including its superstar Sahil Khan, visits Billo's village to shoot a movie. When the villagers learn that Sahil was Billo's school friend, they give the barber the respect he craves.

But Billo is also unsure on meeting Sahil. Due to his superstar status he fears the star may not recognise him. After many unsuccessful attempts of getting in touch with Sahil, Billo gives up. He is branded a liar by the villagers and his family.

But all ends well when Sahil is invited to the village school function. He reveals his past to all present about a close friend he had at school who always stood by him in his hour of need.

Whether Sahil manages to meet Billo forms the climax of this comedy drama produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

Billo Barber is a remake of the Malayalam film Kadha Parayumbol and Tamil film, Kuselan. Irrfan Khan plays the lead role, while Shah Rukh Khan only has a minor part.

Directed by Priyadarshan, the film also features Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Asrani in supporting roles. Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are also said to appear in song and dance numbers with Shah Rukh Khan.

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It's OK for Kareena to be my sister

Tusshar Kapoor had made his debut as a leading man with Kareena Kapoor in smash hit Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai a few moons back. Seven years down the line, the two are appearing as siblings in Rohit Shetty directed Golmaal Returns. Isn't that a step back for the romantic 'jodi' which couldn't create the same magic though in Jeena Sirf Merre Liye.

''Come on, you can't get sentimental about such things'', laughs Tusshar, ''I have absolutely no qualms to have Kareena as my sister in Golmaal Returns. In any case it is a hardcore comedy film and everything is fine in a laugh entertainer.

If it was a romantic film then may be I would have sulked in a corner to see Kareena as my sister but it's all ok for Golmaal Returns.''

Talking about the characters played by him and Kareena in the film, Tusshar says, ''Kareena plays the role of a young woman called Ekta who is a big fan of 'saas-bahu' TV serials.

She is also very suspicious in nature and doesn't even spare her husband (Ajay Devgan). She believes that he is having an affair with someone else and this is where I come in to save the situation. I trust Ajay and want to protect their marriage.''

Since he plays the role of a mute character yet again in Golmaal Returns, does his sister i.e. Kareena always understand what he tries to say. "That's actually the funny part because sometimes she does understand and sometimes she doesn't. It is the latter situation which never fails to create a huge mess. However, from the heart of my hearts, I play a brother who is very protective about his sister", says Tusshar.

So between Tusshar and Kareena, who is more dominating as a sibling, "No one actually", Tusshar is prompt in replying, "None of us is either dominating or submissive. We are very much in love with each other.

In our earlier films, we may have been in a romantic relationship, while in Golmaal Returns, it is a brother-sister relationship. What matters after all is a 'jodi' and I am very much enjoying this new relationship too. On screen, of course!"

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When Pigs Fly

"Happy Halloween" uploaded by danncer

Ogopogo in Powell Lake

You've probably heard of the Loch Ness Monster. Well, here in my neck of the woods we have Ogopogo. Powell Lake in British Columbia is a very deep (about 1200 feet) glacial cut lake. There's even 10,000 year-old trapped sea water at the bottom. No wonder a "monster" is reportedly living in its depths.

Ogopogo's most publicized sighting was in Okanagan Lake at Mission Beach in 1926. He is said to be 20 to 50 feet in length with a serpant shaped body and a horse-like head. Ogopogo has also been seen here in Powell Lake. It's was recorded in an article in the Powell River News as well as Carla Mobley's classic book, Mysterious Powell Lake.

I've had two close encounters with Ogopogo. I haven't actually seen him, but I've felt his presence. The first time was while swimming around our float cabin. I felt a tug on my toes. What else could it have been but Ogopogo "pulling my leg." The second encounter was captured on film. It was his shadow on Goat Island across from my cabin. With evidence like this, I know he must be real. -- Margy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yuvvraaj - Movie Preview

Cast: Anil Kapoor , Salman Khan , Katrina Kaif , Zayed Khan, Aushima Sawhney, Amie Maghera, Javed Sheikh, Boman Irani
Directed by: Subhash Ghai

This musical drama focuses on the attitudes of youngsters of today. It shows how they value money and lifestyle over relationships. Set in modern day Europe, the movie tells the story of three sons of a billionaire father. Katrina Kaif

All three are brought up in three different environments which are reflected in their individual personalities and their passion to fulfill their aspirations. The characters of the three sons are played by Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Zayed Khan.

Deven Yuvraaj (Salman Khan) needs money to romance his girlfriend Anushka (Katrina Kaif). Meanwhile, Gyanesh (Anil Kapoor) is yet to realise the true value of money as he gets caught up in the web of financial matters. As for Danny (Zayed Khan), he breaths nothing but money which is the only power he knows.

Anushka is very passionate about music and is madly in love with Deven. Through her music, she acts as a catalyst making you laugh, cry, sing and dance.

How these characters meet and how they react against each other forms the crux of this drama.

Directed by Subhash Ghai, Yuvvraaj is one of the most eagerly awaited films to release this year.

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Fashion - Movie Preview

Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra)
A small town girl whose strength, determination, and feisty spirit causes her to journey far from home. Meghna Mathur is an elusive combination of beauty and intelligence. She aspires to be a part of the fashion world.

She knows that she has what it takes to become a supermodel and will pursue it to the ends of the earth. She also has the added advantage of in-built self esteem and a sense of morality and will not compromise on her dignity.

But how can that attitude balance with her driving ambition to get to the top? Meghna will fall prey to the trappings of fame. Will she rise from the fall?

Shonali (Kangana Ranaut)
Shonali Gujral is the reigning model on the runway and an icon for Meghna to aspire to.

However, Shonali is also a victim of the choices she has made. She bears the consequences of a steep rise to fame and fortune without a resolute backbone when the weight got unbearable.

Shonali is the poster child for glamour and for self-destruction. Famous, envied, lost and confused she is a prisoner in a world, which will be her ultimate downfall.

Janet (Mugdha Godse)
Janet is the tough talking girl with a heart of gold, who becomes Meghna's best friend.

A model who may not have reached the heights of Shonali and yet remains more carefree as she lives life by her own terms with no demons or regrets. Anything goes with Janet.

She seems like she has made a deal with life - 'You keep me alive and I'll walk about with a smile on my face.' But Janet has something the others who survive like her don't: She has a heart. She values the importance of a family. And she knows that you can find love in the strangest places.

Rahul Arora (Sameer Soni)
Designer extraordinaire and a visionary talent amongst young Indian designers, Rahul makes no compromises with both his fashion designs and his lifestyle.

He is the crowned king of the runway, the lead designer for the powerhouse brand Panache and his creations are adored by the glitterati.

However, the approval he most seeks is that of his mother - who seems to ignore all his achievements for the wish that he would settle down into marriage and domesticity. As a leading light in the fashion fraternity - how will he balance family obligations with the demands of his profession and lifestyle?

Abhijit Sarin (Arbaaz Khan)
A powerful business tycoon who owns one half of the fashion industry and extends influence over the other half - Sarin is the perfect example of when creativity meets commerce.

Known as the man with the midas touch, through his clothing and retail giant Panache - Sarin has nurtured many talented designers including Rahul Arora and has the ability to be an image-maker. A business magnate who is used to getting his own way - he meets his match in the young Meghna Mathur.

Anisha Roy (Kitu Gidwani)
A former beauty queen, Anisha Roy runs the most successful modeling agency in Mumbai - Profile - India's answer to Elite. She is a tough as nails business woman who has a keen eye for spotting talent and molding it into a success story.

Among the important regular clients are Panache for whom she has discovered many talented models. She knows everyone in the business and everyone wants to know her as they know how far she can get them.

Maanav (Arjan Bajwa)
As one of the thousands of talented hopefuls that travel to Mumbai hoping to make it big as a model in the industry, Maanav is one such aspirant.

He befriends Meghna during their early days as struggling models and proves to be a loyal supporter throughout as their friendship blossoms.

Despite temptations, Maanav has a strong set of values that will not allow him to take the quick and easy route to the top through compromise, a trait that Meghna comes to value.

The journey of the rise and fall and phoenix like re-birth of India's number one Supermodel. Set against the glittering backdrop of the glamorous but ruthless world of haute couture

Fashion, tells the story of one small town girl with a dream and the determination to make it a reality. Meghna Mathur knew that she was meant to be famous.

Ever ambitious and bright with stars in her eyes, even as a girl with a conservative background, she dared to dream of bright lights and the big city.

The world of fashion - the clothes, the colors, the make-up, all of these form a part of the fascinating world that Meghna has longed to be a part of.

She reaches the peak of her success and rises to walk the ramps for leading designers across India. The fashion world lies at her feet - the parties, the brand endorsements, the photographers, the models, the romance and of course - the shows, the shows, the shows!

However, karma catches up with Meghna as she slowly starts to pay the price for her fame and her journey to the top.

Her attempt at a comeback was going to be a near impossibility but she was never a woman to turn away from a challenge.

"Fashion" explores the world of style through the emotional personal journey of the key people that make the industry, the dream-weavers of that elaborate world of glamour: the models, designers, photographers, businessmen, agencies etc.

In the world of image - makers - is it possible to conquer it and remain true to yourself?

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