Friday, September 6, 2013

New Designer Update Chase Cohl | Fashion Trend Collection

I have been told a few million times that I cannot ever be two things at once, that I should either stick to music or fashion, because "you simply cannot love both things equally"!
Boy, are they all soooo wrong!

Singer/Songwriter and Accessory designer Chase Cohl has definitely taught me otherwise.
This amazing artist is a sweet indie/boho musician and designer that remains true to herself and you can very much feel that in her pieces and songs.
Littledoe is the name of her line so make sure to have a look see. =)
New Designer Update Chase Cohl | Fashion Trend CollectionNew Designer Update Chase Cohl | Fashion Trend CollectionNew Designer Update Chase Cohl | Fashion Trend CollectionSome of her Littledoe creations:
New Designer Update Chase Cohl | Fashion Trend Collection

The 10 Commandments of Fall | Fashion Trend Collection

< class="post-title entry-title">On our last trip to the Salvation Army, my sis and I got hold of a 2003 September Issue of Vogue. We spotted it amongst the sea of magazines that were on this huge shelf - the issue is incredibly huge so yes, it caught our eye quickly. We found this cool article on the 10 Commandments of Fall - definitely stuff I will follow to have the fashion gods in my favor, lolz.
I think though they are 2003 advice, they are applicable to any Fall Season, my notes are in red.

The 10 Commandments of Fall
1.Be Perpetually Polished-from the tips of your fingers to the toes of your alligator shoes, well groomed sheen is queen.

2.Keep Them Guessing-over the knee boots and leather opera gloves, leave something to the imagination.The 10 Commandments of Fall | Fashion Trend Collection

3.Take a Deep Breath-waist cinching coats, curve clutching skirts and tight little sweaters are sleek, sharp and positively aerodynamic.

4.Invest in a Chic Party Dress- dance floor sweeping or upper thigh grazing, this season's after-dark looks are seriously soignee.The 10 Commandments of Fall | Fashion Trend Collection

5.Think Like a Movie Star

6.Cozy up to a Faux Fur Stole- yeah you guys already know I don't like fur.

7.Shock Them With Color - Turn on the brights, whether it's a huge emerald cocktail ring or a fushia satin bag.

8.Sharpen Your Wit- trying a ballerina skirt or a dress of playful chiffon flower petals
9.Paint it Red-Forties era crimson lips are fall's most important war paint.The 10 Commandments of Fall | Fashion Trend Collection

10.Emulate Kate the Great -Katherine Hepburn that is, from her tweedy menswear to her regal bias-cut gowns all is just so autumn-ish.The 10 Commandments of Fall | Fashion Trend Collection

Monday, August 19, 2013

the fashion trend of prom dress in this autumn and winter

Women as a novelty and always want to make a difference. Each time a forecast fashion trends, we use our case, which should be as precise radar to exploit the differences. Here are some tips for you to try new things and show your personality in this autumn and winter:

This season, "Chinese style" is the most important decoration on both short prom dress or sportswear. Are just like the models on antiques "Chinese style". With a dress or sportswear, you can look graceful and elegant.

Using fresh colors, especially warm colors, is also a touch of fashion this season. Pinkish purple color is most popular this season.

high-waisted trousers and shirts nice way to bring back the custom smoke. His temperament exudes sexy style neutral. With a dress, you look fashionable and be attractive.

Mini skirts? No, not so fashionable. It is inappropriate for you to have naked knees this season. Stiff knee dresses are thriving. Of course, boots are the fashion of their partners.

Flowing patterns spinning magic is very fashionable this season. With a dress, it looks modern and elegant.

Without doubt, "lace" must be a keyword this season. Above a layer of lace. This time, it is not decoration, but the fabric for shirts.

Drape, bending and asymmetrical frontal appear on various styles of this season. This trend is small but full of feelings East is a new style!

futuristic style is coming back. With these fashionable clothes compact solid, looks like a goddess of modern warfare.

This season, why paisley is back with a wide beautiful color. With a dress pattern, it will be interesting.

Leather jacket pilot wardrobe essential this season. You can not miss!