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Gul Panag to do a condom advert?


Fiery actress Gul Panag loves meaningful cinema and would love to do some meaningful commercial with Aamir Khan.

She says, “I’ll certainly do a commercial with Aamir – even if it’s for something like condoms! And on the subject of condoms, people ought to learn to talk about condoms openly.The Censor Board needs to operate in a more rational manner.”

She adds. “On one hand, we have population control initiatives, and on the other, the Censor Board chops a scene in Hello for a dialogue that has the word ‘condom’ in it. Isn’t that illogical?”

You are right baby!

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Post Slumdog... Freida Pinto is India's ultimate cover girl

Just months ago she was a virtual nobody, but with the eight Oscar sweep by her debut film "Slumdog Millionaire", Indian model-turned-actress Freida Pinto is now hot property for magazine covers.

Being the obvious new darling of Hollywood, Freida has also become a much in-demand magazine cover girl back home for obvious reasons, reports

The actress will dominate the newsstands across India in March, with men's magazine Maxim opting to put her face and knock-out body on its cover, as will women's magazines Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Basking in her new found success, the 24-year-old, who has described her meteoric rise to fame as a "dream", also appears on the cover of industry bible Entertainment Weekly alongside her co-star from the underdog drama Dev Patel.

Posing for the covers didn't come hard for the actress as she started out her career posing in advertisements for products like Wrigley's Chewing Gum.

"I used to anchor a travel show in India, which is clearly not acting, and I had done a little bit of modelling. Both of those things helped me with the camera," she said.

Freida, however, always had acting at the back of her mind as a career.

"I always wanted to act in films, but in India it's very difficult to become an actress if you haven't got a godfather - someone with influence, always a man, in the industry to help get you into auditions.

"But I didn't need a godfather for 'Slumdog...' I just went along, did the audition with Dev and then Danny picked me," she explained.

Despite the success of her first film and her passion for acting, she is not sure of her career in the profession.

"I have no idea whether acting is a future for me, but I would like to do more film work. The reaction to 'Slumdog...' has been beyond my wildest expectations."

In what will be only her second film, Freida is now lined up to star in Woody Allen's next alongside Hollywood stars Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts and Anthony Hopkins.

Filming will start in London this summer.

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Caturday funnies

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from Cats all wet

Adhyayan Suman: I am getting six-pack abs

Adhyayan Suman recently inaugurated C’est La Vie gym in Bandra. The up and coming actor tells us about his fitness routine, foods he loves and hates and why he wouldn’t want to influence anyone to follow the crash diet he put himself on to lose 60 KGs in six months.

We have heard you lost 60 KGs in six months. How did you put on all that weight?
My parents have pampered me endlessly. They thought I was a growing child or badhta bachchan who needed to eat. So they fed me all the food I loved like butter chicken. Before I knew it I was 120-130 KG and six feet tall. I looked really bad.

How did you lose the weight? What was your motivation?
It was my dream to become an actor. I gave myself two choices: to eat all the time, get fat and look bad or to lose weight and become an actor. Acting is more important to me than eating all the time. So I worked out really hard for four hours everyday.

What was your diet like during that time?
I followed a very wrong, crash diet and I wouldn’t want anyone to follow it. The diet wasn’t right but I wanted to lose weight more than anything else. I ate very less. It was apple with coffee in the morning, few slices of chicken for lunch, fruits in the evening and 3-4 bottles of water for dinner. I used to feel dizzy and sick. I follow a balanced and guided diet now

What is your diet like right now?
I have a protein shake before my workout. I do cardio in the morning. Then I have a banana. I have roti, green veggies and brown rice for lunch. I have a protein shake in the evening and do weight training for two hours. Dinner is dal, chicken and soup. I avoid rotis at night.

Do you have any binge days? What are your favourite foods?
I binge every 15 days when I go out and eat whatever I want. I love eating red Thai curry, fried rice, butter chicken and sweet and sour chicken. I have a weakness for chocolates; I can’t live without them. Every 3-4 days, I cheat and take a bite of Cadbury and KitKat, instead of eating an entire bar. I love Cadbury.

Tell us about the health foods you eat. Do you like energy drinks?
I hate having protein shakes because I mix it with water. It is tasteless. I can’t even have it with milk because that is fattening. I love eating ghar ka khana and that is really healthy. I am too younga nd energetic to rely on energy drinks.

Tell us about your exercise routine. What’s your favourite and least favourite exercise?
I do two hours of cardio in the morning; I run at Andheri Sports Complex. I do weight training in the evening; 2 body parts each day. I love climbing stairs and running. I love to work out my back muscles. I hate doing abdominal exercises but the end result with sculpted abs looks great.

Are you working on six-pack abs?
Yes, I am getting six pack abs and a sculpted body for my next film. It is a romantic action comedy but I can’t talk about it right now.

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'Flop' Hurman Baweja kicked out...

Things are not looking good for the Baweja boy.

After the great debacle of the big budget ‘Love Story 2050’ and then ‘Victory’, he’s got a kick from the proudcers of the super ambitious ‘Chenab Gandhi’.

Now Sanjay Leela Bhansali's super ambitious project has a new lead actor and it’s none another than B-Town hot body John Abraham.

Hurman was signed for the film last year and reportedly the current economic crisis is responsible for this new development.

The producers wanted a saleable star and Harman isn’t in any way one at the moment.

So reportedly after a meeting, Bhansali, Saregama's Madhu Mantena, along with the distributors took a decision to have Johnny boy in the lead role instead.

The Saregama India co-produced film with Bhansali made on a whopping budget of Rs 35 crores also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

If all goes well, this will be the actor's fourth film with Bachchan after ‘Viruddh’, ‘Aetbaar’ and ‘Babul’ and the second with the lady he was linked up with, Vidya Balan, during ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’.

By the way, the movie’s not directed by Bhansali himself but by debutant Vibhu Puri.

A source has said, "Right now, the producers and director haven't informed Hurman as yet. He's in Delhi and so, no-one will confirm this right now. They are waiting for him to come back. Then, they will break the news to him."

While Bhansali said that the news is not true and Mantana laughed off the development by saying that Hurman will start Chenab Gandhi in May and it would be unfair to drop him now when his films are not doing well and John is actually doing another film with them called ‘1-800-LOVE’, the source confirms the new development.

Harman of course has gone into a shell and wasn’t available for comment. Lots to feel bad for the Hrithik clone.

All the filmi and multi-crore help from daddy Harry Baweja isn't helping him in any way. Time for a new back up plan, boy.

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Sonal Chauhan to shoot song worth Rs 60 lakhs

Actress Sonal Chauhan, who starred alongside Emraan Hashmi in "Jannat", is on a roll. She will shoot at the Seven Wonders of the World for a song worth Rs.6 million.

The song will be for a Kannada film "Cheluvine Ninna Nodalu" and she has teamed up with southern actor Shivrajkumar in it.

"I am more excited than nervous. I will have to do tonnes of rehearsals. The most exciting part of it all was shooting this song with the superstar himself - Shivrajkumar. He is absolutely amazing to work with, " Sonal said.

In the song, Sonal is believed to have worn a dress worth nearly Rs.400, 000. The film's team is expected to fly to all the monuments on the new list of Seven Wonders of the World in March.

"I am very excited about this trip. This is a lifetime opportunity. Imagine going to every single monument across the world that has been listed as a wonder. It's a dream come true! I am eagerly looking forward to doing the same now, " gushed the young actress.

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What actually went wrong with Katrina?

If director Rohit Shetty (of GOLMAAL RETURNS) had his way, Katrina Kaif would have been his leading lady for ALL THE BEST.

An Ajay Devgan production, it already boasted of an enviable cast comprising of Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu and Sanjay Dutt. For Fardeen Khan, another male lead in the film, it's a sort of comeback and Katrina Kaif being roped into the film would have only added to the star quotient.

Confirms a source on condition of anonymity, "Makers of the film were convinced that Katrina Kaif was just right for the role of this glamorous 20 something young woman. Since Rohit's films are always high on glamour quotient, Katrina would have been a welcome addition to the multi starrer."

Narrating an interesting anecdote, he adds, "Also, it would have been a casting coup since Katrina has never worked with Fardeen before. However, she has shared screen space with his dad Feroz Khan in 'Welcome'. It seemed that she was set to play a role in the film."

However, this wasn't the case to be as Katrina couldn't be a part of the film that resulted in an overnight search for another actress. This is where Mugdha Godse came into picture and the young glamorous woman was more than happy to grab the role in a multistarrer like ALL THE BEST which looks like a winner from the word Go.

So what actually went wrong with Katrina?

"No one knows", promptly says the source, "Entire cast of the film that comprises of Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Sanjay Dutt and Fardeen Khan was announced but the slot was kept wide open for a leading lady. Suddenly, Katrina Kaif's date issues came up and it was decided that Mugdha Godse would be the part of this action comedy."

Of course Katrina's loss is Mugdha's gain. With this film, she finds herself consolidating further in the big league with first FASHION and then JAIL where she is paired opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh and is being directed by Madhur Bhandarkar again.

Excited about working in this Ajay Devgan home production that should see it's shooting kick starting in Goa this March, she adds, "I am happy to be paired opposite Fardeen Khan and I love that man's style. It's a full on commercial film and has come at just the right time. I can't wait for the shoot to begin." what actually went wrong with Katrina?

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Hrithik simply can’t stop raving about Bhansali

After wrapping up the shooting of his forthcoming venture Kites, Hrithik Roshan will begin shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s yet untitled next with Aishwarya Rai in coming 2009 summer.

Hrithik we have learnt is super excited to do this not just because he will complete his hat-trick of working with Aish but because he has been genuinely floored by the script of the film and is eagerly looking forward to shooting for the film.

Hrithik simply can’t stop raving about Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the script that he written for his film and of course his role in it.

This will be Hrithik’s first venture with the Black director. Hrithik has seen Bhansali’s earlier works and is keen to work with him. Bhansali is also looking forward to work with Hrithik as well. It is going to be a hat-trick for Bhansali as well as this will be his third venture with Aishwarya Rai after Devdas.

Bhansali was in Goa recently finalizing locales for the film. The film will be Bhansali’s directorial venture after Saawariya. Meanwhile Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next prodcutional venture Chenab Gandhi is all set to go on floors in Mumbai very soon. Bhansali’s assistant Vibhu Puri will direct the film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Hurman S. Baweja.

Bhansali and his Black writer Bhavani Iyer have written the film. The plot revolves around three characters. It is learnt that Chenab Gandhi is inspired by the story of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, India's freedom fighter who was known as the Frontier Gandhi. Bachchan will be playing the principle character in the film.

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Video: Baby Orangutan adopted by a bulldog

Bulldog Kisses Orangutan

Watch video

Anushka Sharma is still clinging on to SRK

Anushka Sharma must be eternally grateful to the King Khan.

Rubbing the right people the right way has worked out really well for people. And young ambitious gals like Anushka know this secret very well.

Working in the thakela ‘Rab Ne Banadi jodi’ opposite SRK worked in her favor and she was all over the place. Not knowing anything about acting and having zero charisma didn’t really come in her way.

Now, without much work or experience behind her, this amateur chick gets to sit in the judge’s chair for SRK’s reality show ‘Kinghts and Angels’ to finalize six feisty cheerleaders for the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders which fared rather badly last season.

It’s all about the money honey and no one cares what their performance was last time around.

The show will have contestants from different cities vying to make it to the final six and they would be judged on the basis of their dancing skills, attitude, personality, energy, style and looks.

The buzz is that Anushka will be the judge on the first of the six episodes of the show to be telecast every Saturday. They are saying that Anushka’s been a model and has some fame; hence her opinion is important before the IPL season kicks off in April.

Gosh…the people concerned don’t even have logical excuses.

They will also try to make the show entertaining by making VJ and actor Purab Kohli show off his weird antics.

Other judges will be KKR’s captain Sourav Ganguly who’s sure to bore audiences to death with his dead pan expressions and choreographer Shiamak Davar who’ll try hard to sound funny with his atrocious Hindi like in the last season of ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’.

After ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’, Anushka's only working in two more films by Yashraj Films and is not doing anything outside.

That also explains how she has all the time in the world now. What next, babe? Maybe a film romancing the clown, Uday Chopra.

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Shweta Bhardwaj loves Shahid but dating Vivek?

Mission Istanbul girl Shweta Bhardwaj is heavily smitten by Shahid Kapoor.

When we asked about whom in the industry she would like to meet the most, pat came the reply “Shahid Kapoor. Shweta is besotted by Shahid.

She goes on to add “I’ve just loved his journey from Ishq Vishk to Jab We Met. I think he has grown with every movie and looks hotter by the day. The promos of his forthcoming venture Kaminay have proved that. I would love to go on a date with him and talk about his experiences in Bollywood.”

Link-ups are the spice of bollywood and Shweta Bharadwaj, who was appreciated for her role in Mission Istanbul, is certainly looking forward to working on different characters. But the actress has been more in the buzz for her link-ups than her work.

During the making of the film- Mission Istanbul, there was a buzz that Shweta had a relationship going on with Vivek Oberoi. But the actress had denied all the news and had said” I am not in the industry to have relationships with the actors. I am very much focused about my career and least bothered about such buzz.”

So this clearly explains that Shweta is very serious about her career in bollywood, and wants to maintain relationships for good.

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areena Kapoor reveals how she achieved her sultry figure

Kareena Kapoor has turned writer for her dietician Rujuta Diwekar! Confused? Well Bebo has written a foreword in Rujuta Diwekar's bestselling book, Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and in that she has herself revealed her breakfast secrets that lead to her size zero figure.

"Rujuta has changed my perception towards diets and dieting. She has taught me to eat well, eat right and eat regularly. I started working with her around the time I started work on Tashan. The results are for all to see.

My size zero became a topic of national interest. The media asked me if it was diet or exercise. It was a combination of both; 70% diet and 30% exercise-training and yoga, " writes Kareena in her foreword.

"Rujuta understands my work and lifestyle and has given me a diet totally customised to my needs. My diet on work days is different from my diet on shoot days. It even on varies on shoot days, like it is different if I have to dance or perform. The meal is planned according to my level of activity."

"In Mumbai, my breakfast is muesli and milk or a chillah or parathas; no chai or coffee. While shooting for Tashan in Ladakh. I ate fresh fruit for breakfast and thukpas and momos for my other meals. I had pudina tea without milk.

On the last day, I was allowed pizza as well. In Kerala, I had idlis and appams. In Italy it was risotto and pasta with gorgonzola; half portions though, not full."

"I make sure I eat every two hours. My evening snack or meal is soy milk or a sandwich. Rujuta focuses on nutrition, not calories. Amazingly, she likes to keep the nutritional value of what you eat, as compared to the calories consumed, high.

I have learnt what she means when she says, "be smart about food" and still enjoy what you eat. Now thanks to this book, you can (learn) too and I am sure you will find it good enough to eat, " signs off the svelte and gorgeous superstar.

Rujuta Diwekar's book Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight is presently selling like hot cakes and is available at bookstores.

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Freida Pinto: From Bombay's local trains into Hollywood's limousines

Freida Pinto has leapt off Bombay's local trains and into Hollywood's limousines. MANJULA NARAYAN looks at the transformation of the girl next door

At this time last year, Freida Pinto was probably one of a million girls scrambling onto the woefully crowded Malad local train. Considering that she had landed some modelling jobs and had hosted a travel show, she'd have jostled with the first-class bunch which, as every commuter in Bombay knows, can be far more vicious than any second class dibba gang.

Who knows, our Freida must have occasionally been battered with laptops and prodded with tweezers if she'd dared to hog the coveted gangway space next to the door.

In the evenings, she'd have been sharing a frappe with Rohan Antao, her boyfriend (oops, husband?) at the local coffee shop and perhaps spending love struck weekends with him at a cottage on Manori island.

She would have been hanging out with the friends she has known since her days as an English Literature student at St Xavier's College and practising her expressions in the mirror in the bathroom of the flat she shared with her Mangalorean parents and sister.

Then she landed that role in Slumdog millionaire. She began spending time with Danny Boyle and the crew, taking time out to show her leading man Dev Patel the sights including, perhaps, the Queen's Necklace, the neo-gothic buildings that had once prompted Aldous Huxley to call Bombay "one of the most appalling cities in either hemisphere", and seedily exotic Colaba.

But this isn't a tourist brochure for Urbs Prima in Indis. It's a contemplation of what fame can do, and in the case of Freida Pinto, Oscar hopeful, BAFTA award winner and new darling of the red carpet, how it can take you from boarding the Churchgate fast every morning to riding around New York in a stretch limousine surrounded by stylists.

Suddenly, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle, are courting her, UK's Sun is advising readers on how to get her 'look', luxury London outlets are inviting her to beam at the paparazzi from their shop fronts.

Freida Pinto YOU'RE not sure at what point Ms Pinto, who really didn't have much to do in the film, became an international sensation.

Was it when she warmed the cockles of the firangi media's collective heart by mumbling through a mouthful of chocolate cake at Angelina Jolie?

Was it because Jolie has anointed her for a life of stardom by advising her to "keep it real" - a bit strange coming from a woman whose own life with a million kids, zillion dollar paycheques and gadzillion international do-good programmes seems as far from reality as poor Rohan Antao is from Brad Pitt.

Was it because she now speaks with a Miss India accent she couldn't have picked up at St John's Universal High School, Goregaon? Any day now you expect her to have a white-gloved-palmto- face Sushmita Sen moment.

The truth is her stylist George Kotsiopoulos, who'd rather commit harakiri than let a Tahiliani near Pinto, is the real star. That other Mangalorean beauty Aishwarya Rai needs to get his number quick.

The boob-squash thingy she wore to the Berlin Film Festival is just the sort of outfit George would chuck into Bombay's stinking Mahim creek... as Freida's usual local lumbers slowly over it.

Which brings you to the question, what will Freida do next? Will she snap out of her fame-induced amnesia and run back into Antao's arms once the Slumdog fever dies down? Or will she find herself a Pitt replica?

Whatever she does, let's hope she doesn't imitate Jolie's bizarre fertility goddess routine. With whoever.

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No more Bikinis for Kareena.... Ever!!!

If you thought 2008 was the year of Kareena Kapoor then wait till you hear what’s in store for this stunner in 2009.

“For starters, ” she begins as she packs for her much-awaited week-long vacation in Europe with Saif Ali Khan, “I’ll finally be moving into my new home in January. It’s just a hop and skip away from where I stay on Hill Road in Bandra. I can’t give up being close to my mom and living in Bandra.”

The home in a building called Queen will also have a new apartment for Kareena’s mother. “Of course my mother is moving with me. I can’t live breathe or take one step without my mother. The only difference is she’ll now have a separate apartment. But we’re still on the same floor.”

As for the home that Saif is preparing for the two of them, Kareena shrugs, “That won’t be ready for another two years. That’s how long it’s going to be before we get married anyway. Right now my diary is filled up till 2010. There’s no space for even a runaway marriage.”

Kareena has in fact decided to gift her mom much more than just a new home. She has made her mom a New Year promise.

“No more bikini shots for me. I mean I’m very happy with the kind of attention and adulation I got for getting into a bikini in Tashan. And I wasn’t uncomfortable wearing it. Why should I be? I’ve the physique to carry it off. But that’s it.

My mother didn’t like me in a bikini. Also the kind of work that I’m doing now in 3 Idiots or Renzil d’Silva’s film doesn’t require that kind of exposure.”

With her super-star daughter being extremely busy with her career and Saif, mom Babita has a lot of time on hand.

“She now does a lot of charity work with charitable institutions like the Mount Mary Old Age Home in Bandra and other places. She’s a very giving woman. I should know. She scarificed her own career and joys to bring up my sister and me.”

Not too many people know Babita is half-Christian.

Reveals Kareena, “Her mother was a Christian and father a Sindhi. So we are as fond of the church as we’re of the temple. Christmas is a big event for us.That’s why I needed to rush home at this time from Philadelphia to be home for Christmas before taking off for my holiday.”

Surprisingly Kareena is full of praise for her supposed arch-rival Priyanka Chopra. “I don’t know why so much is made of our rivalry. We’re in totally difference spaces. She does her own films. I do mine. Whenever we meet she’s really sweet to me. I don’t understand why we’re made out to be two squabbling sirens. Please, we’re grownup women.”

As far as conducting a career goes Kareena’s role- model is Aishwarya Rai. “I love the way she carries herself and the roles she’s choosing after marriage. I’d like to follow that pattern when I get married.”

But that’s a long way off. At the moment Kareena is just happy being with Saif.

“He may appear to be very volatile and undecided, just like me. But actually he takes all the right decisions on my behalf. He’s totally into his books while I love films.

I keep him clued in to what’s happening in the industry.Right now we both want to see Ghajini before we leave for our holiday. We’re both Aamir fans. After Ghajini I think the next film Saif will see will be my 3 Idiots. And this time it won’t be for Aamir.”

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Kisse Pyaar Karoon - Movie Review

Rating: *

Certain themes worked in the '70s and '80s. But they seem completely out of place in today's times. You can't connect with them, plain and simple. That's the issue with Kisse Pyaar Karoon.

Kisse Pyaar Karoon? uses every rule in the book to entertain the viewer. It borrows heavily from all masala films that one has watched and admired over the years. To give the credit where it's due, a few scenes are indeed funny. But it comes too late in the day. Ideally, it should've released a couple of years ago.

Sid (Arshad Warsi), John (Aashish Chowdhry) and Amit (Yash Tonk) are thick friends. Everything is going fine till Sheetal (Udita Goswami) enters the scene. She plans to usurp the wealth of John. She entices him and John falls for her.

Realising that Sid and Amit could thwart her plans, she creates problems and hurdles in their friendship. Sid and Amit realize her game and plan to throw a spanner. They decide to drill sense in John, but John is in no mood to listen. He's completely smitten by Sheetal. Sid and Amit embark on a plan to save John from Sheetal.

Director Ajay Chandhok displays a flair for comic entertainers, but there's not much he can really do since the writing (Yunus Sajawal) is archaic and outdated.

The same formula has been repeated so many times in the past, you don't react to it any longer. Despite the shortcomings, Chandhok has the potential to strike the right note if he gets the right script. Daboo Malik's music is pleasant. The title track and 'Bechain Saansein' come easy on the lips.

Arshad Warsi, Aashish Chowdhry and Yash Tonk play to the gallery. We don't expect histrionics in a film like this. Instead, we look for buffoonery and that's what they end up doing.

Udita Goswami makes her presence felt, while Aarti Chhabria is hardly there. Shweta Menon entertains when she's on screen. Shakti Kapoor and Ashish Vidyarthi are wasted.

On the whole, Kisse Pyaar Karoon? comes too late in the day. Perhaps, this masala film may've struck a chord a few years ago, not today.

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I don't believe that wearing a bikini leads to success: Raima Sen

Moon Moon Sen's daughters Riya and Raima Sen have carried the beauty legacy ahead in Bollywood started by their beautiful grandmom Suchitra Sen but success has however constantly eluded them.

Especially Raima who despite some really good performances in films such as Godmother and Manorama Six Feet Under and the very recent Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye have got applause from the critics but no box office success.

We asked the demure and petite actress about her lack of recognition, her relationship status and what’s on the cards for her career wise.

About her career, Raima states, “I know well that to reach that particular level of big stardom it does take time. But I think I am on the way. I am certainly trying my best and I feel that I have not gotten the right recognition so far but I will never lose sight of my goal. I will make my way to success.

Would she follow the trend of doing bold roles or ever resort to the skin show that many actresses adopt these days in their films? “I don't believe that wearing a bikini leads to success. I have not given it any thought beyond that, ” says Sen.

As for her personal life, Sen is single but not ready to mingle. She reveals, “My focus is on my career. I am not looking for any sort of relationship right now. When the time is right, everything will fall into place. Right now, there is no one in my life.”

Raima’s next film up for release is Teen Patti, which also stars Amitabh Bachchan. “Apart from that, there are a few more scripts that I am reading right now, ” she concludes.

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People say I need to get a boob job, but I’m comfortable the way I'm: Freida Pinto

Photography by George Pitts

Indian actress Freida Pinto Made it to the U.S. without doing the same old song and dance. Though the 23-year-old former model from Bombay auditioned for melodramatic Bollywood roles, she’s going Hollywood with her film debut, playing a child of the ghetto in Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. Hood never looked so good.

How hard is it to break into India’s film industry?
It’s really difficult. You have to have a godfather or parents who can get you in. I got into modeling for the visibility factor, hoping that portals would open up for me to act.

I did a lot of print because people found me too skinny in India to do television. We have the voluptuous, full-figured woman thing. People say I need to get a boob job, but I’m just comfortable the way I am.

Is Bollywood as sleazy as Hollywood is?
Three or four years back, I was auditioning for a film and I met this man who was like, “We can be good friends, ” with a twinkle in his eye. I knew where that was coming from, and it didn’t feel right.

Would you ever do nudity or a sex scene?
I don’t think I’d have an issue (doing a love scene), but it all depends on the director—what kind of work he’s done in the past. In India, I probably wouldn’t do something like that; it’s kind of taboo. It usually gets cut off at the censorship board level, so what’s the point of having shot it?

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
Back in college, if boys did the most stupid thing, like compose a silly song, I’d listen. It could be something really stupid, like a rap for all I care.

Have you ever used your acting abilities to manipulate men?
Hmm… (Laughs.) If you have it, you gotta use it.

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